Saturday, 27 September 2014

@tyrakmzmn; whats the deal girl?

Assalamualaikum! *spray perfume hangat*

Yesterday, laman Twitter dihangat kan when a girl, Athirah Kamaruzzaman aka @tyrakmzmn (quite famous) tweeted her PT3 trial result. Okay. Nobody cares result kita tinggi melambung or biasa biasa je. Either orang akan puji kita or else bagi nasihat, mot
ivation and tips ke anything.

Tweet dengan caption "ummm" membuatkan semua orang rasa bangga dengan keputusan yang dia tweet. But suddenly, another girl reply her dengan reply yang habis sentap.

I kesian jugak orang bash tyra ni cause she's still young. Boleh lead to depression, anxiety and all. I totally get it. I really do. Tapi girl you shouldn't like bout your result in the first place and also jangan lupa cencored kan ic number hahaha. Kalau result kita tak seberapa, elok lah kita diam diam je and why not strive for more haha. Whatever happens next is none of your business. Benda dah lepas kan? Dont give a frick what people say. PT3 is just few weeks away. So stay focus on what's important. Prove us you can do it. Study smart and result sebenar nanti tweet us with your A's. Make us proud. 

Deactivated. RIP? 

Peace out *spray*

Sunday, 21 September 2014

6 #manusiamenjengkelkan dalam cinema

Assalamualaikum! *spray perfume*

Maze Runner? Siapa dah tengok? Best gila kan! Yang belum? Ha perg.i cepat cepat tengok. So last weekend I pergi tengok Maze Runner with my friends lah kan. So after years of pergi cinema for movies and all, there are some manusia yang agak menjengkelkan and kalau boleh nak disturb the whole row depan belakang kiri kanan atas bawah tenggara dan sebagainya haha.

1) The 'Mr Know It All' 

This type of manusia usually beraksi bila dia dah tengok cerita tu dua kali. Bila ajak to cinema dia kata "Yeah man aku okay je tengok dua kali", yeah man, your okay is bad. Everytime sampai plot cerita yang macam confusing sikit kan like bila everyone go "Ha?' "Ha?' and all. Dia start. Dia mula daaaaaah. "Tak, kau tak faham eh, sebenarnya dia tu bleh bleh bleh...." haha dude what part of your "Aku okay je" is okay? Kita kat situ dah panas melekit lekit je. Kang kena marah kang merajuk kan haha so kita end up keep saying "Ye haah" "Ye betul" "Ye haah lah" "Ye betul lah tu" "YE BETUL KAN AKU CAKAP KAU DIAM BOLEH TAK". Bukan nak cakap semua orang macam ni tapi certain lah certain hahaha so why not kita enjoy the movie and not kacau orang yang belum tengok. Unless kalau I betul betul blur time tu tolong lah explain hahaha.

2) The 'Who Turned Off The Light' 

Cinema mana yang tayang video dengan lights kan. So cinema mula mula masuk memang terang bak mentari cahaya dia. Then bila tengah the freaking 10 mins iklan tu lights dia akan dimmer. BUT, bila sampai time the movie about to start, lampu terpadam. Then suddenly BAM! One effing ray of 100% punya brightness memancar justtt after lampu terpadam. Pupil kita were just adjusting then tetibe rasa kena panahan sang suria. Dude not cool seriously. The lights were on for like 10 mins plus kan during the iklan haha but you have to use your phone in the dark. Instead of 'sila matikan telefon bimbit anda' dia kena tambah 'kurang kan brightness phone sekali'. Happened to me before macam ni then the girl said sorry semua so okay I'm fine. Then BAM dia on lagi phone dia with the same brightness straight into my eyes like "AHHHHH!" reply whatsapp. Omg girl dont let me make you eat that phone. Takde intention langsung nak dim kan brightness. Gurl you krezi bij.

3) The 'Kerusi Urut' 

So last week I went for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with my family. And kitorang book lewat so our seats not that far from the screen but it was a little uncomfortable but okay lah. As I was watching, belum sempat the ninja turtle show their faces, I guess I found another kid mutant ninja bij seating behind me. AND HE WAS KICKING MY SEAT. Like the whole movie omg. First kick I was still okay ye lah kan because he's a kid. Half way through the movie dia still lagi kicking my chair wtf. So I tak tahan and pusing belakang and gave a little sassy "excuse me" with a little bijjy face cause he's little. He got no chill. The moment I duduk je. His feet mintak kena gigit. Keep kicking keep kicking like wow kid where your parents kan I thought. Rupanya pusing belakang lagi sekali, he was sitting BETWEEN his parents. Yo older people cant you see you kid is kicking my seat? You blind? The movie ended and yeah my whole relaxing time was added by some unpleasent massage haha. I guess you people pun pernah rasa kan. Please mind your feet and I'll pull it off.

4) The 'New Director' 

This type of people is having a huge dream of being a director. Like seriously they boleh re-direct everytime dia pergi movie. Selalunya this people akan persoalkan every single scene every plot cerita tu oh please. "Eh kenapa dia terbang" "Kenapa dia tak bagitau je" "Eh kenapa bilik dia kecik sangat" "Kenapa masuk bilik tu" "Siapa suruh main hide and clap". I know macam every people ada this thoughts this comments tapi its very not cool kalau dia cakap out loud. Oh ha ha I tak perasan pulak kat pintu masuk tadi dia tulis 'sila comment keseluruhan plot cerita ye' hehe. Even menjengkelkan bila dia bagitau kawan dia thought dia yang during the movie and kawan dia reply sepuluh kali lima puluh siap bonus dengan cadangan lagi ha kau. Omg keep your thoughts and luahkan habis habis lepas keluar cinema haha.

5) The 'Over Fangirl' 

Ha ni lagi one type of people yang tak boleh nak duduk diam. I ada cakap I pergi tengok Maze Runner tu kan. Sebelah I ada dua orang girls. Bila the movie start macam biasa lah orang akan aw sebab Dylan O'Brien. Even my friend pun begitu haha dia memang handsome. Sama jugak bila Newt and Minho. Tapi those two girls they went a little krezi. "Weh handsome nya" "Ye ah" itu biasa haha. Tapi bila bertukar jadi conversation yang gila berjela. Its menjengkelkan. "Omg he good" "Oh yes he very good one" "Omg i know right" "Oh yes" "Omg omg look at his smile" "Omg ikr and his eyes" "Oh he big, gurl" "He big". Yeah Im trying to watch a movie and you're there acting all bijjy and over fangirl. Habis the movie, they still wont stop omg gurl. Kan kalau kita keluar cinema mesti ada lorong back to the mall where kalau kita cakap bergemakan. They were loud and bingit yknow kalau fangirl, every sentences kena akhiri dengan jerit high voice punya fangirl type. Yeah that. 

6) The 'Vibrator'

This type of people rarely found but very kacau our concentration. Maybe some people tak pernah rasa but I pernah. Okay I was watching The Fault In Our Stars, it was an emotional romantic movie. Then this one guy was busy shaking his body on his seat. And ofcourse the whole row will feel the mini earthquake haha I was sitting like 2 seats away but still. The seats between us was empty. I couldn't understand why was he shaking, it was TFIOS, not Annabelle haha. Nak kata terkejut takkan lah TFIOS pun terkejut. Not really shaking dia macam rocking the seat omg. Dia duduk dengan goyang kakinya dengan badan sekali ha kau dengan seat sekali bergegar. Please have some respect orang lain pun nak tengok movie. Kau sibuk bervibrate kat situ haha habis orang lain nak nangis pun tak jadi.

Those are the type of #manusiamenjengkelkan dalam cinema. Some based on my experience sendiri and some from orang cerita. If you like it, share lah sikit. If you don't, share lah jugak.

Peace out *spray perfume*

Friday, 19 September 2014

rupa paras? @whothe_f and @annjfr

Assalamualaikum! *spray perfume*

Tengok tajuk dah rasa macam boom! Few hours yang lalu jejaka misteri yang di cari-cari identitinya dah pun merungkai misteri sendiri? Boleh lah. Ha jejaka berbadan sasa macam tu dah jadi pujaan ramai walaupun identitinya headless. But ada jugak manusia yang pada asalnya merembes bila tengok instagram si Mr F ni, akhirnya benci sebab rupa. Bila curiosity tahap dewa, mula lah nak mengedit gambar Mr F ni nak cari rupa paras.

Tup tup ada manusia yang 'kononya' dapat merungkai misteri Mr F ni, dah spread gambar yang bukannya real sangat pun, setakat tukar brightness, exposure semua benda alah tu. Ni ha gambar nya.

-bukan clear pun gambar nya-

Pastu mula lah mulut orang perasan cantik ni, critic comment macam macam. Berkata itu, berkata ini. Ada kata muka Harun Salim Bachik lagi Ya Rabbi. Hodoh katanya, muka orang tua. Attention sicker pulak katanya. This is cyber bully dude. Tak kisah lah umur dia 27 ke 112 ke, it will still hurt them. And maybe will scar them for life. Why you people so judgemental ah I dont get it. Okay now dia dah reveal muka dia, he's good looking do. Then bila I scroll down twitter I habis semua hate tweet hate comment dah delete. Malu ye kak? Bang? One thing is whothe_f has showed to us that an awesome personality is enough to be attractive and liked plus he proved that our society really cares about rupa paras instead of personality.

@whothe_f (instagram) aka @that_fguy (twitter) aka Mr F aka Firdaus. Stay strong okay. We live in this society so we have to be strong enough to face it. We cant change the society, trust me. Im sure people would agree with me on this, delete your picture with your face and keep on being 'the headless man' again. Its your instagram your social account your style, dont give a s*** what others say (unless its good thing than ambik lah kan haha)

-revealed dah-


Another thing, the fancy paperbag head girl @annjfr (instagram), you cool also girl. Now the 'society' managed to reveal Mr F's face, you're next (cause they s*ck). Stay with you creative designed paperbag on. Keep going girl and prove us that creativity and talent also define us. Not looks.

-she so preets and artsy-

Some of people even nak jadi macam you guys. They admire you. One season nanti semua orang takde muka on social media which I think it's gonna be fun tho (even akan ada orang tak joining so what). You have people's support. The famous public figures on social media like @akbarazman, @shadiqjamaludin, @tyrakmzmn and everyone else too.

Okay I tak nak berpihak mana mana. Cuma satu I nak tegur sikit, memang manusia kita tak boleh nak please semua orang okay. Ada orang akan suka kita walau apa pun kita buat and ada jugak yang vice versa. Atleast kalau kita tak suka sekali pun, jangan tunjuk in public. Its your opinion I respect that. Cuma jangan tayang ke'tidakpandai'an anda dengan not-so-smart comment macam macam di khalayak ramai lagi lagi social media. Kalau you people pun nak headless jugak nak paperbag jugak go ahead lah. Jangan malu, kita bukan buat benda salah. Nak guna plastic bag ke towel ke selimut ke. Okay no hate. 

Peace out *spray perfume*